Fire Service Training Schools in Ghana



Fire Service Training Schools in Ghana

Whether you are in Ghana or anywhere in the world and are looking to attend a fire service school in Ghana, we got your back. We have listed some of the best fire service training schools in Ghana in this article.

Ghana Fire Service, commonly referred to as Fire fighters aims at providing an efficient and value die and rescue service to meet statutory required in Act 537 and public expectation.

Fire fighters usually undergo a high degree of technical training before being recruited into the service by the Ghana Fire Service board. Keep reading to discover fire fighting school in the country.

Fire Service Training Schools in Ghana

Below is the location of the fire service training school in Ghana

1. Ghana National Fire Service Training School, Accra

How Many Fire Service Training Schools are there in Ghana?

There is currently one fire fighters training college in Ghana, and is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

However, there is available documents that the Ghana Fire Service Authority considers establishing other fire service training schools in about 7 regions of Ghana. The announcement was made in April, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Ghana Fire Service Training Last?

It is estimated that, the training usually a maximum of 18 months for regular career course officer  cadet. Short Service and Special Duties Commission (SSC/SD) officers usually takes about 6 months.

How Do I Apply For Fire Service Training School in Ghana?

Click here to apply for firefighters academy. Make sure you follow all the required information.

What are the Requirements for Fire Service Training in Ghana?

Here is a list of documents needed to become a fire fighter in Ghana

  • He or she must be a citizen and resident of Ghana
  • At the time of application, she or he must not be less than 18 years of age, and must also not be more than 26 years of age for non tradesman at the time of application
  • Applicant must not have criminal record, and must also be of good standing
  • He or she must have at least 5 credit in WASSCE/SSCE which includes Core Math, English Language, or Social or Integrated Science
  • She or he should also be of a minimum height of 1.7m and 1.6m for male and females respectively.
  • He or she must be physically, emotionally and mentally fit by firefighters standard

How Much Does Firefighters Make in Ghana?

Most firefighters in Ghana make around GHC2,500 per month as salary. Salary of a firefighter in Ghana usually ranges from GHC1,500 to GHC4,500 depending on your qualification and experience. For instance, a person with 10 years experience is like to earn more than someone with only two years experience.

Benefits of Firefighters to the Country

  • One of the most important thing about firefighters is that, they help save lives by preventing and extinguishing fires.
  • They also help to educate the general public on fire safety and CPR
  • Firefighters also save properties. This is not to say that properties is important than life. 
  • As a firefighter, you will ensure the safety of the environment by trying to contain wildfires.

In conclusion, there is so far one fire service school in Ghana. There are still plans underway to establish more fire service training schools in Ghana in the nearby future. 

It is also important to know that, firefighting is a highly skilled and trained profession. Being a firefighter means your objective is to serve and protect the community. Be physically and mentally fit enough before applying to become a firefighter in Ghana. 

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