How to Withdraw Swifin Money in Nigeria



How to Withdraw Swifin Money in Nigeria

Whether you are in Nigeria or any part of the world and are looking for way to withdraw your Swifin money to your bank account, you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to teach you how to withdraw Swifin money in Nigeria.

Withdrawing money from Swifin was a difficult take. However, the good news is that, the platform has recently added the withdrawal feature for easy withdrawal. 

What is Swifin?

Swifin is a mobile payment and distributed banking exchange platform. The platform is utilize by both government and non-governmental agencies. These include savings and loans companies, banks, local government departments, and post offices. These organizations use Swifin to pay and receive money.

With Swifin account, individuals can be able to make real time payments of all financial transactions be available and accessible to all persons regardless of their locations. Swifin has made people living in rural areas more comfortable since they are able to send and receive money at the comfort of their homes.

How Swifin Works in Nigeria

The only financial platform responsible for the distribution of the Lumi currency in the country is Swifin. According to sources, many banks in Nigeria have started to work with Swifin in order to make payment of their customers easy.  Example is the Eco Bank since it is a Pan African Bank.

How to withdraw Swifin Money in Nigeria

Below are the step-by-step approach to withdraw Swifin money to your bank wallet in Nigeria from the Swifin eco 6 Lumi

  • Login to your Lumi wallet using the app or via website
  • On your dashboard, tap on the "withdraw" icon
  • Enter the amount of funds you want to withdraw. The only acceptable currency are Bitcoin and Euros
  • Click on "enter" and wait for a confirmation message
  • Enter your card information and click on enter
  • Confirm your transaction details and wait for a few minutes for your funds

Advantages of Swifin Wallet

  • Swifin has made sending and receiving of money possible regardless of your location
  • Swifin services include E-banking, mobile money banking, E-market, and other financial services.
  • Government agencies, individuals, post offices, and non-governmental organizations make use of the platform.

How to Install Swifin App

  • Follow the instructions below to install Swifin app
  • Go to Google play store to download and install the Swifin app for free
  • On your upper screen, a pop-up permission message will appear. Click on accept and continue
  • Go ahead to install the Swifin app. Create your Swifin account for free once you are done.

In summary, the above guidelines are the proven ways to withdraw Swifin money in Nigeria. If you try the method and it does not work, I suggest you can leave a comment in the comments section so we can attend to you.

You can withdraw money from Swifin account in Nigeria by clicking on the withdrawal icon, entering the amount you wish to withdraw, clicking on 'enter', and confirming your details.

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