Win Money Competitions in South Africa in 2024



Win Money Competitions in South Africa 2023

If you are looking to participate in a competition to win money and other prizes, you have come to the right place. Here we will take you through some of the latest win money competitions in south africa 2024.

One of the easiest way to win money for free in South Africa is by participating in competitions. These programs reward people to compete in different ways. These rewards ranges from cash to prizes such as cars, Television sets, tickets and so on.

Requirements for joining competitions in South Africa

Each program has its own requirements for selecting candidates. However, here are the general requirements to be enlisted in competitions to win money in South Africa

  • He or she must be a resident of South Africa
  • Candidate must be over 18 years at the time of application
  • Some competitions require individuals to provide correct and full details of themselves as requested
  • He or she should read the terms and conditions before signing up

Win Money Competitions in South Africa 2024

Here are the latest online competitions in South Africa to win money and other prizes such as home gadgets or holiday tickets:

1. National Sea Rescue Institute

One of the platforms to win money through competitions is the National Sea Rescue Institute. On this platform, you donate R25 in a month and stand a chance of winning R750,000.

There is no minimum limit to win money on the competition. National Sea Rescue Institute competition has about 48 cash prizes in total. The more entries you take, the higher your chance of winning.

Visit the website here to read more

2. Equazen Back to School 2023 Competition 

Another platform to win money by competing with other people is the Equazen Back to School competition. The competition is organized by SFISA.

You cannot participate in the competition if you are not a permanent resident of South Africa. Citizens who wish to participate in the tournament must be over 18 years of age.

The competition begins in January and ends in February this year. Participants stand a chance of winning R5000 towards school fees.

3. Nedbank R250 000 Holiday Competition

This competition is sponsored by Nedbank. The competition usually starts in October and ends in December. To participate in this competition, participant must be over 18 years, a permanent resident of South Africa and an existing customer of Nedbank Gold Credit Card.

Participants stand a chance of winning over two hundred and fifty thousand rands, R250 000. The prizes are usually fulfilled by a third-party travel agency, Travelstart. You are free to choose a destination of your choice and the number of people to go on the vacation with.

Winners also have the option of receiving part of their money rather than spending everything on the vacation. One winner is usually chosen. 

To know more about this competition, call this number 0800555111

4. Radio 2000 Birthday Competition

This is another win money competition in South Africa 2024. You can win real money for free when you enter the Radio 2000 37th Birthday Competition. You could win up to R37 000 in prize money.

The competition is going to last for about 4 weeks. Radio 2000 will be giving about R9 250 each week to a lucky winner. To enter into the competition, text 'Radio 200 37' to 45690. Note that charges may apply.

Everybody can enter into this competition. However, children less than 18 are encouraged to seek the permission of their parents. Participants will only be contacted by Radio 2000 staff.

Visit the website here to participate

5. Win R5 000 on 947

What if I told you one of the way to win money through competitions in South Africa is by listening to Anele and the Club on 947? All you need to do is to keep listening to 947, guess the country which Thandi is visiting based on their fun clue.

The program is usually between 6am to 9am. To enter into this competition, text the word "Cadbury", your ID number, your name and the answer to 061 4947947 via WhatsApp. Note that charges may apply.

To know more about this competition, visit the website here


There are other win money competitions in south Africa 2024 which we have not yet added to this. Keep your fingers crossed for any new updates. We will keep updating you on any win money competitions in South Africa. If you have any questions to ask, you can drop your questions in the comments section. We will attend to you

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