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How to Pay Rain Account -
How to pay for rain account online in South Africa 

Whether you have tried or this is the first time trying to make purchases on rain account, you have come to the right place. We are going to teach you how to pay rain account online in South Africa in this article.

To be able to pay for any service online using Rain, you will need to link your bank account or credit card to your rain account. You cannot purchase anything using Rain if you do not fund your account. The credit card to be used for the payment must be a card that can be used online.

What is Rain?

It is a mobile communication company in South Africa responsible for the provision of messaging, voice, data and converging services. The company was launched on February, 2019.

Rain offers data mobile services in the country. They also provide 4G and LTE services through a partnership to use a Vodacom and MTNs infrastructure (Source). Keep reading to learn how to pay rain account online.

Requirements for Creating Rain Account in South Africa

The following information will be needed to create Rain account in South Africa:

  • South African ID or Passport for Non-South African citizens
  • An active mobile phone number
  • Applicant's email address (Must be functional)
  • Billing address
  • A strong password

How to Pay Rain Account 

As said earlier, to pay for services using rain, the first step to take is to link your Rain account to your credit card. When you have successfully linked it, you can start making payments via the platform. 

Follow the steps below to link your credit card to your Rain account.

  • Log in to your rain account via the website or mobile app
  • On your dashboard, select payment method and input your credit card details
  • Next, select your monthly payment date
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to pay to your account and submit

After following the instructions listed abov e, your account should be credit. After that you can start making payments which include data, airtime and others.

Available Rain Payment Options

You can pay on Rain using any of the payment options below

  • Visa Cards
  • Debit Cards 
  • Mastercard Cards
  • Credit Cards

How to Pay Rain Account With Capitec ATM

In order to pay rain account using Capitec Bank ATM, you will need to link your Capitec ATM to your Rain account. If you do not have Capitec Bank credit card, apply for one online or at the nearest branch.

Does Rain Accept EFT Payment?

Rain does not currently support payment via EFT. This is because you cannot find your Rain account through EFT payment. The only acceptable payment form is credits cards linked to a bank account. Therefore, it is essential to consider getting a credit card from any bank account.

How to Install Rain App

  • Visit the website rain to download and install the app
  • Create your Rain account by entering all the required information. You will need an ID card, email address and other relevant documents
  • After successfully creating your account, fund your account using any online supported credit card and start paying for services

How to Activate Rain Sim

Follow the steps below to activate your Sim


  • Create your account either via the app or visit the website
  • After creating your account, select your plan and verify your SIM. Pick the data that is right for you.
  • Enter your payment details, and make your first payment
  • To activate your SIM, you will need your South Africa ID (for locals) or passport (for non-residents), and proof of address

Is Rain Available in Only South Africa?

The company currently operates on South Africa as of the time of writing this article. However, we believe it may be extended to other territories in the coming years.

How to Create Rain Account in South Africa 

  • You can create Rain account in South Africa via either the app or website. Follow the instructions below to create your rain account;
  • Visit the website or app to sign up
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address, cellphone number, and password. Ensure your password is more than 8 characters with a mixture of numbers and alphabets
  • Enter your ID or passport number
  • Select your billing address from the "search address" option
  • Accept the terms and conditions, and also opt in for WhatsApp
  • Finally, click "create account" to start using Rain

What You Must Know About Making Payment on Rain

The first step to make payment using Rain is to link your credit card to your bank account. The card to be linked should be under your name. This means that you cannot link a card with a different name to your Rain account. Attempting to do so will only lead to your account being closed.


In summary, to pay rain account online, you must first of all link your credit card to your Rain account. After successfully linking your card, you can start paying for services using Rain.

There might be other ways to pay rain account online, but so far the method in this article is proven to be the best way to pay for rain account either through the app or website.

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