How to Earn USD in Malaysia

How to Earn USD in Malaysia
Earn USD Online in Malaysia 

 Can I make money and get paid through USD in Malaysia? What are the best platforms to make money in United States dollar? If you are looking to make money online and get paid in the United States dollar, we got your back. Here, we will teach you how to earn USD in Malaysia online.

In recent times, many people have showed interest in earning money and get paid in United States dollar instead of the local currency. This is due to the fact that the USD, if converted to the local currency, has much value. 

However, the question most people ask is how to make money and get paid while they are in Malaysia. This is easy. You can make money and get paid in dollars while you are here. We are going to look at some of the online jobs that pay USD in Malaysia.

How to Earn USD in Malaysia Online 

Here are some of the online jobs that pay real money in dollars.

1. Create a Profitable Blog 

If you want to make money in Malaysia and get paid in USD, then you should consider creating a profitable blog. Most bloggers are paid in USD which they convert to their local currencies. Bloggers normally have the option to receive their money in cheque, in their dollar account or converted to their local currency.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is similar to blog in manh ways. Just like blogging, YouTubers earn in USD which they convert to their local currencies. However, it is essential to note that most YouTubers prefer opening dollar account to local currency.

3. Work as a Social Media Influencer

Social media managers or influencers are some of the popular online money earners. Social media platforms such a Facebook, TikTok and Instagram pay influencers and content creators money when they post. 

These influencers have the option to receive the money in cash or in their dollar account. Being a social media influencer is a good way to earn USD in Malaysia.

4. Start Freelancing Job

Freelancing is another job that can earn USD in Malaysia. This is especially true if writing is your hobby. Most Freelancers are able to make decent income from their writings. There are several places to work as a Freelancer. Some of the popular platforms to register as a Freelancer are Fivver and Upwork.

Once you reached your payment threshold or you request payment from the company you worked for, you can ask them to send the cash into your dollar account. Most Freelancers are able to make over RM500 per day.

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5. Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has become one of the popular ways to earn dollars at the comfort of your home. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency trading coin. Bitcoin trading is the buying and selling of bitcoins in a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

6. Sell your Photos Online

What if I told you another way to make money and get paid in dollars is by selling your photos online? Yes, you heard me right! There are online platforms where you can sell your photos for cash. This is common among females.

Other Ways to Earn in USD include

  • Selling stuff on Amazon
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Take online surveys
  • Speech Translator


Earning USD in Malaysia is a straight forward process. All you need is to get one of these online businesses and start earning. There are other ways to make money online in Malaysia and get paid in dollars. We hope after going through this article you have understood how to make money in USD online.

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