Debate Topics For Secondary Schools in Nigeria


                                      Debate Topics For Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Are you a teacher or student and are looking for a highly debatable topic for your students or yourself? Well, we got your back. We have compiled a list of some of the best and current debate topics for secondary schools in Nigeria in this post.

There is no doubt debates help students to develop strong opinion on everything. There are so many merits of being a Debater in secondary schools. Debates helps improve the intelligence quotient of students. Students who partake in debate activities are also able to develop strong communication skills.

Students, especially high school students in Nigeria, through debates are able to think, process and analyze information and come out with a better solution. Continue reading to discover some of the top debate topics for secondary schools in Nigeria.

Debate Topics For Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Here are the top and most competitive and current debate topics for students in secondary schools in Nigeria

1. All countries around the world should adopt Democratic form of government

2. Do girls face more peer pressure than boys in the society?

3. Secondary schools students should not be required to wear uniforms

4. Should voting age in Nigeria be reduced to 16? If yes, why? If no, why?

5. Private schools are better than government schools

6. Should smoking cigarettes be abolished entirely in the society?

7. Is the private sector more organized and confident than the public sector?

8. Every secondary school student should have to participate in athletics

9. Which subject is most important? Science or Mathematics?

9. Should all junk foods be banned in the school cafeterias?

10. Should we replace teachers with computers?

11. Is single-gender schools better than mixed-gender schools? 

12. Will teachers be replaced by computers in the future?

13. Do people with better grades in school likely to become more successful in life than those with poor grades?

14. Sometimes it is okay to cheat on test or exams?

15. Which sector is more likely to develop a nation? Private or government?

16. Should high school students who fail in a test be given the opportunity to rewrite it?

17. Should students be allowed to grade teachers?

18. Every child in Nigeria should be allowed to go to college

19. Technology creates jobs than it destroys. True or false?

20. Should Nigeria colleges be made free to all students who want to attend?

21. Final exams in Nigeria secondary schools should be abolished entirely

22. Should some books be banned from the libraries?

23. White collar jobs in Nigeria are better than blue-collar jobs

24. It is better to be good at academics than to be good at sports

25. Should death penalty be abolished entirely in the world?

26. Vaccination should be made mandatory to the public by the government

27. Should drug addicts be helped instead of punishing them?

28. We should ban the use of fossil fuels in our world

29. Nuclear weapons, and other dangerous weapons, should be abolished entirely in the world

30. All drugs, such as alcohol, must be taxed, regulated and legalize

31. Is online learning less effective than off-campus learning? 

32. Secularism does more harm than good

33. Religion does more harm than good

34. Is it possible to achieve gender equality in Nigeria?

35. Birth control pills should be encourage to be sold at over-the-counter

36. Home teaching is equivalent to school teaching

37. Television is better source of entertainment than books. Write for or against the motion

38. All contents should be censored by social media platforms

39. Senior secondary school students should be allowed to use smartphones.

40. Do phones in secondary schools do more harm than good?

Benefits of Debates for a Student

  • Debates improves the the thinking faculty and intelligence of a student
  • Students are able to analyze situations and come out with a better solution
  • Students can be able to speak in large audience without being nervous

Qualities of a Good Debater

  • Able to listen attentively
  • Should be clear and direct with his points
  • Able to maintain eye contact with the opponent
  • He should be a good listener
  • He or she should be more organized

In conclusion, the above are some of the best debate topics for secondary schools in Nigeria. If you have not seen an interesting topic you like, you can drop your comments in the comments section.

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