How to Withdraw From Videomine



How to Withdraw From Videomine

Have you been trying or looking for a way to withdraw from Videomine without referral? Worry no more. We are going to teach you how to withdraw from Videomine.

Videomine is one of the best money making platforms so far. The platform makes it easy for members to make money by carrying out certain tasks such as watching and downloading movies, postings and other tasks. With Videomine app, users are also able to acquire skills, sales, and also render digital services.

What is Videomine?

Videomine is a platform that rewards users real cash to perform certain tasks on the app. With Videomine, you can earn money by watching short videos, sharing certain tasks to earn real money. Despite being new, Videomine has over 100k downloads on Google play store. The app also has a great review from users.

How to Make Money on Videomine

There are two ways to earn money from Videomine app:

  • Through the Multi Level Marketing Packages and
  • The Affiliate System 

With the affiliate system, you can earn money by performing certain tasks on the website. Users are rewarded about $5 when they successfully create their Videomine account.

Another method of earning money through the Videomine platform is sharing videos to your social media accounts. The company pays you each time you watch video on the platform. The amount of money paid for each videos depends on many factors. Some claim they have earned money just by clicking on the videos without necessarily watching.

What of I told you visiting your accounts daily earn you some money? Yes, you heard me right. With Videomine app, users are rewarded money when they login to their websites. 

Videomine gives users the opportunity to earn money by referring others to the platform. You earn commission each time someone creates Videomine account using your referral link.

How to Withdraw From Videomine

Below are ways to withdraw from Videomine

1. Affiliate Earners

With the affiliate withdrawal method, individuals are entitled to withdraw two times in a week which are Wednesdays and Sundays from 8am to 20am. Users are entitled to withdraw their both their earnings and activities earnings at the same time.

2. Non Affiliate Earners 

Non Affiliate Earning is another way to withdraw money from Videomine without referral. On this option, individuals are entitled to withdraw only once in a month.  The withdrawal period is usually 25th of every month.

How Does Videomine Work?

The app works in two ways: earning money through referrals and affiliate marketing. To earn money as an affiliate, all you need to do is to register as an affiliate. This is done by registering on an individual plan. The affiliate system requires you to pay some fees as registration fee. When you successfully register as an affiliate, you will be awarded some cash as a bonus.

The referral program is similar to the affiliate. Users who register on the referral program earn a commission for each referral. 

Is Videomine Legit?

Well, according to many sources, Videomine is somehow legit but may soon crush. This, according to sources, is because the owner once owned a an app called 247way that later got crushed. The aim of our article is not to give reviews on Videomine. There are other platforms where people give their honest reviews on Videomine.

Can You Withdraw From Videomine Without Referral?

The answer is yes and no. Yes because some people have claimed to have withdrawn from Videomine without referral, and no because as at the time of writing this article, withdrawing from Videomine without referral seems almost impossible to achieve.


To withdraw from Videomine, follow the instructions mentioned in the article. Videomine is a cool way to make extra cash online. Videomine offers users the opportunity to earn money online by performing certain tasks such as watching videos, referral and others.

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