How to Withdraw Send Imali



How to Withdraw Send Imali
Man holding money withdrawn from Send Imali

How can I withdraw my money from Send Imali? Can I withdraw money from send Imali directly to my bank account? If you are one of those asking these questions, you have come to the right place. We assure you that at the end of the day you will learn how to withdraw send imali to your bank account.

The good news is that, you can withdraw money from your Send Imali account through several methods. Some of the ways you can choose to withdraw Send Imali are direct bank transfer, Nedbank ATM or retail store. Keep reading to learn how to withdraw money from Send Imali account.

How to Withdraw Send Imali

Here are the steps involved in withdrawing money from Send Imali account:

  • Log into your Imali account using your password and username
  • Select "Withdraw" on the menu located on the bottom menu bar
  • Next, select your withdrawal method (bank transfer, Nedbank ATM, or retail store)
  • Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw
  • After entering your amount, review your details and then tap on the "Confirm" button
  •  Finally, wait for the confirmation message indicating the status of your transaction 

Frequently Asked Questions About Send Imali

What is Send Imali?

Send Imali is a platform that makes it easy to send and receive money from family and friends or any person with a South African cellphone number. When you send the money to the person, all he or she need to do is to go to Nedbank ATM where he or she can withdraw the money.

Where can I withdraw Send Imali?

You can withdraw send Imali at the Nedbank ATM, any supported retail store, and through direct bank transfer. However, the most common way to withdraw send Imali is through Nedbank ATM.

How do I reverse Nedbank Send Imali?

It is difficult or almost impossible to revert money on Send Imali when you already give the "Send Money" command. However, it is still possible to reverse your money when the receiver has not withdrawn the cash, and it has expired within two days.

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How do I withdraw money from Nedbank Send Imali?

The best way to withdraw money from Nedbank Send Imali is to follow the instructions listed in this article. You can withdraw money from your Nedbank Send Imali account through direct bank transfer, Nedbank ATM, and any affiliated retail store.

How do I get a pin for Nedbank Send Imali?

To get a pin for your Nedbank Send Imali account, all you need is a cellphone with a functional SIM card. Then dial *120*001#.


To withdraw Send Imali, you can either withdraw your Send Imali money directly to your bank account or through Nedbank ATM. Log in to your Nedbank app, navigate to the withdrawal icon, select how you want to withdraw the money. Enter the amount, review your details, and proceed to withdraw.

If you have any issues with regards to withdrawing Send Imali, you can drop your question in the comments section. You can also call Send Imali customer support center to learn how to withdraw Send Imali to your bank account.

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