Eco 6 Lumi Withdrawal in 2024



Eco 6 Lumi Withdrawal

Tired of reading articles on eco 6 lumi withdrawal processes? Well, we got your back. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Eco 6 Lumi withdrawal.

It is no secret Eco 6 Lumi withdrawal has become one of the difficult method when it comes to dealing with the platform. Is it really possible to withdraw from Eco 6 Lumi? Continue reading to learn everything about Eco 6 Lumi currency and the official withdrawal announcement date.

What is Lumi?

Eco 6 Lumi is the official digital currency for the Economic Community of the African Diaspora Region. The digital currency is integrated in the African Diaspora Central Bank. Eco 6 Lumi has member financial institutions across Africa.

Eco 6 Lumi Withdrawal

There is currently good news about Lumi withdrawal date. According to the official website of Eco 6 Lumi, the withdrawal date is set to begin on the 28th October, 2023. (Check source). The announcement was released a couple of months ago as at the time of writing this article.

The company has also urge users to be careful of people who claim to be buying Lumi currency. Make sure no one cheats you of your hard-earned money.

Other users have allegedly withdrawn from the platform via Swifin account. However, we cannot deny this allegations since everything is possible. Even if their claim is true, let us try the process below to see whether that works. But before you proceed, you need to link your Swifin account to your Lumi wallet. Make sure you follow all the instructions below:

  • Create your Swifin account via the website or app
  • Link your Swifin account to your Lumi wallet
  • Login to your Swifin account via the website or app
  • On your dashboard, tap on the 'withdrawal' button
  • Enter the amount of funds you wish to withdraw. The figure should be in Euro or Bitcoin
  • Enter your card details and send
  • Wait and enter the confirmation email sent to your phone
  • Enter all the required information and continue

At this point, your money should be deposited to your credit card 

If you are unable to withdraw your Eco 6 Lumi coins through this process, then I suggest you wait for the official withdrawal date mentioned earlier. However, at the moment, holders of Eco 6 Lumi are urged to wait patiently until the withdrawal date.

Since Eco 6 Lumi is currently working with some banks for easy withdrawal in certain countries, it is recommended believed the withdrawal process will be made easy in the nearby future.

Frequently Asked Questions About ECO 6 Lumi

Frequently asked questions about Eco 6 lumi withdrawal:

What's the Payment Date for Eco 6 Lumi?

As said earlier, the official announcement date for the next payment of Eco 6 Lumi is scheduled to begin on the 28th of October, 2023.

Is Eco 6 Lumi Legit?

Well, it is no surprise many have tagged Eco 6 Lumi as scam. Some believe it is a far from being legit largely due to the withdrawal date. Some institutions (such as the Bank of Jamaica) have also stated that Eco 6 Lumi is not licensed in the country. 

Eco 6 withdrawal has not officially started. At the moment, there is still no proven ways to withdraw money from your Lumi wallet. The withdrawal dates are usually announced by State of African Diaspora. Do not believe anyone who claims to have withdrawn from his account without the official announcement date.


The long awaited withdrawal date has officially been announced as stated above. Eco 6 Lumi withdrawal process is set to begin soon. Take notice of the date and continue visiting our website for any new updates on Lumi withdrawal dates.

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