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How to Withdraw Zugacoin to Naira

If you are are looking for a way to withdraw zugacoin to your bank account, you have come to the right place. It is true many have tried to withdraw money from zugacoin directly to their bank account, but failed due to certain difficulties. However, in this article, we will guide you. Keep reading to learn how to withdraw Zugacoin to Naira.

Some reasons for users inability to withdraw zugacoin to Naira account is due to the rigorous procedures involved in the withdrawal process. However, we have done enormous research and have come out with the best way to withdraw Zugacoin directly to your bank account.

What is Zugacoin?

Zugacoin is a secured, decentralized platform and blockchain technology. It is the first cryptocurrency in the world that owns assets across over fifteen countries in Africa. The aim of Zugacoin is to empower entrepreneurs in Africa.

The platform aims at making Zugacoin a n equity for investment funding for Africa's government rather than China. Zugacoin makes it possible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get access to loans that will speed their business goals. 

Note: First of all to withdraw your Zugacoin straight to your bank account, it is essential to convert it to Naira. Therefore, we are going to convert Zugacoin to Naira in the next paragraph using Nellbox.

How to Convert Zugacoin to Naira Using Nellbox

Visit the Nellbox website to create your account for free. 

  • Transfer the coins you want to sell from your Zugacoin wallet to your Nellbox account 
  • On your Nellbox dashboard, click on "I want to sell" icon
  • Next, search Zugacoin on the search bar. Follow the instructions when in the next pop up message.
  • After you have chosen your preferred trade, click on "Sell to Nellbox" 
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw or convert in Zugacoin (amount should be typed in Zugacoin). You will see the equivalent of Zugacoin displayed in USD and Naira in the next section.
  • Finally, confirm your transaction details and click on "submit"

Once you have successfully transferred your Zugacoin to Nellbox, the Naira equivalent will be displayed on your Nellbox wallet. You can then proceed to withdraw your Zugacoin straight to your Naira account.

How to Withdraw Zugacoin to Naira

Follow the instructions below to withdraw Zugacoin to Naira bank account

1. After converting your Zugacoin to Naira in Nellbox, proceed to click on the "Withdrawal" icon from the menu option. Next, click on the "withdraw to local bank"

2. In the next phase is where your E-pin will be required. Click on "complete withdrawal" and you will be asked to enter your E-pin. Once you enter, your money should be deposited to your local bank account.

If you do not receive alert from your bank account, you can contact your customer care support to identify the problem. 

How to Deposit Dogecoin to your NiceHash account

It is recommended that before you deposit Dogecoin to your NiceHash account, you must first have the desired amount of DOGE tokens in your own wallet. 

Follow the steps below to withdraw Dogecoin to your NiceHash wallet

  • Log in to your NiceHash wallet
  • On the dashboard, click on the "wallet" tab
  • Next, click on the deposit icon
  • Choose Dogecoin from the"Deposit to " drop-down menu, and click on "Show (Dogecoin) Address" button.
  • After the above step, open your own Dogecoin wallet. It should be your exchange account, either mobile wallet or hardware. Depending on the interface, you should see "Send" or "Withdraw" button.
  • Copy your NiceHash deposit address and paste it to your Dogecoin wallet. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code with your phone using a mobile app or wallet
  • Finally, confirm your transaction within your Dogecoin wallet. At this stage, your Dogecoin should be deposited to your NiceHash wallet.


There might be other ways to withdraw Zugacoin straight to your bank account, but these are so far some of the best ways to withdraw Zugacoin to Naira bank account.

In summary on how to withdraw Zugacoin to Naira, first of all, you must covert Zugacoin to Nellbox by depositing it to your Nellbox wallet, and then proceed with the instructions listed above to withdraw your Zugacoin straight to your bank account.

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