How to Convert Swifin Money in 2024



How to Convert Swifin Money
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Whether you have tried converting or this is your first time looking for a way to convert your Swifin money into your local currency, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know how to convert Swifin money into any currency.

One of the challenges many people encounter on the Swifin platform is converting their Swifin money to their local currency. For instance, if a friend from the State sends me $100 through Swifin, I will be looking for a way to convert it to my local currency. That is why we have done enormous research and have come out with  the best way to convert Swifin money into local currency.

What is Swifin ?

Swifin is a digital financial service platform that was launched in 2017 that allows users to send and receive money. Aside sending and receiving money, Swifin also enables users to perform other transactions such as paying bills, making other purchases.

The platform aims to promote financial inclusion in Africa by making banking services more accessible and affordable. Users can be able to access their accounts via online or mobile app. Swifin is regulated by the central bank of Nigeria, which ensures that customers transactions are safe and secure.

How to Convert Swifin Money

Read the instructions below carefully to discover how you can convert your Swifin money into any currency of your choice

  1. Log in to your your Swifin account via the app or website
  2. On your dashboard, select the "Send Money" or "Withdraw" option
  3. Enter the amount of money you wish to convert
  4. Enter recipient's full name, cellphone number, bank or Swifin account number details
  5. Verify your details to make sure everything is accurate
  6. Confirm your transfer
  7. After sending, the recipient will receive the converted money in their bank or Swifin account

Important Notice:  If you want to convert Swifin money into a different currency, you may need to use a currency exchange service or transfer the money to a bank account that supports the desired currency.

You can also check with your bank or your currency exchange service for specific guidelines on how to convert Swifin money into your desired currency.


How to Make Payment with Swifin

Here are the steps to make a payment on Swifin

  1. Download the Swifin app from your app store or visit the website to log in
  2. Create your Swifin account by entering all your information
  3. After successfully creating your account, make sure to fund it with money before you can make any payment
  4. On the dashboard of your account, tap on the "Pay" button
  5. Enter your recipient's phone or Swifin ID number
  6. Enter the amount of money you wish to pay
  7. Cross-check the details of your transactions, including your recipient's name and the amount of money to be paid
  8. Next, enter your Swifin PIN to authorize the payment
  9. Your money should be deposited to your recipient's bank account in few minutes

After successfully sending your money,  you will receive a notification confirming your transaction.

How to Use Swifin Platform

To use Swifin account, follow the steps below

  1. Download the Swifin app from Google or Apple iOS store
  2. Sign Up by creating your account. Provide your personal details such as ID, and any other relevant documents
  3. Verify your account by providing a the requested information
  4. Add money to your account using credit card, debit card or bank transfer
  5. After funding your account, you can start sending and receiving money, paying bills, and performing other transactions

Does Swifin has agents?

Swifin does not currently have agents since it operates through a network of local partners who are responsible for managing the platform and providing customer support.


If you followed the instructions listed above, you should be able to convert Swifin money. If you have any other questions related to converting Swifin money into your local currency, you can drop your question in the comments section.

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